Assessment Exams or Alternative Options

If Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba needs to confirm the level and quality of your academic training, it will assign you exams or options that you must complete within a stated timeframe. The details will be outlined in your assessment results. Once you complete your assigned exams or applicable options, you will be academically qualified for membership with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Your options for verifying academic qualification may include:

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba may assign you a number of confirmatory exams from the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) Examination Syllabus.

Review the exam syllabus > engineerscanada.ca

Exam Write Dates

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba hosts exams twice per year, usually in spring and winter.
View exam dates > Events
Contact to schedule an exam > International Assessment Coordinator

If you are unable to write all the exams within the stated timeframe, you may submit a written request to extend your timeframe, otherwise your file will be closed. Requests for extensions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Assessment officer to discuss.

Exam Results

You will receive your exam results by mail within 9 weeks of the date of your last exam.

Exam Fees

See Fees for details.


Applicants who have been assigned five (or fewer) examinations in addition to Engineering Economics are eligible to sign up to take the FE instead of confirmatory examinations.

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Details

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba may provide you with a list of courses to complete instead of some or all exams.


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba cannot guarantee that the courses are available exactly when you want them. You will be directed to the appropriate institution.

Substitute Courses

If you believe there are other appropriate university level courses available, you may submit a written request to take the substitute course(s):

  1. Provide a comprehensive description of each course and the exam equivalent
  2. Submit your written request by mail, fax or e-mail:

    Academic Review Committee
    870 Pembina Highway
    Winnipeg, MB
    R3M 2M7

    Fax or e-mail requests to the International Assessment Coordinator


The Academic Review Committee will decide whether the course(s) meets the requirement, and will inform you of its decision by mail.


Course fees vary > Fees

Review a list of services that may help you pay for exams and courses > Financial Help

If Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba assigns you five or fewer technical exams, you may apply for the Internationally Educated Engineers Qualification (IEEQ) program instead of the exams. The IEEQ program is a University of Manitoba program that offers engineering courses and work experience. If you complete the course, you will be deemed academically qualified by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Visit umanitoba.ca for details, including:

  • Program length
  • Dates
  • Application process
  • Required documents
  • Fees

If you appear to have over 10 years of current and qualifying Engineering or Geoscience experience, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba may offer you an interview instead of all or some exams.

Only those who have an undergraduate degree in engineering or geoscience are eligible for an interview.


It may take 6 - 12 months to schedule an interview. If you want to schedule an interview, contact the International Assessment Coordinator


You must pay an interview fee > Fees

If your undergraduate degree was in engineering, you have the option to complete a M.Sc. in engineering, an M.Eng. in engineering or a Ph.D. in engineering at a CEAB accredited institution.


The Academic Review Committee will decide whether the degree meets the requirement, and will inform you of its decision by mail.

Next Step

Once you complete your assigned exams or options, you will be deemed academically qualified. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will provide you with a Letter of Invitation.