Submitting By-law Proposals

Proposals for by-law changes shall either be proposed by Council, or submitted by a professional member.

By-law proposals by members:

  1. must be received by the secretary not less than 60 days before the anniversary of the last previous annual general meeting;
  2. shall include the text of any proposed amendment or new by-law;
  3. shall include a written statement outlining the purpose of such proposed by-law and the reasons why the proposed by-law is required and may include such other information as the proponent considers necessary or desirable; and
  4. shall include the full name, e-mail address and mailing address of the mover and seconder of such by-law proposal.

Proposal Deadline

4:30pm, Monday, August 19, 2019

Submission Procedure

Submit the By-law Proposal Form (DOC) or (PDF)

See past elections for examples of previous proposals.

Current By-Laws

See Act, By-laws, and Code of Ethics