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News Notice
May 21, 2020
Looking Back Through Our Century: May 1965
May 1965 saw the last log drive on the Winnipeg River. These log drives, held annually for 25 years, were often 31 miles long, taking 10 days to complete and requiring the help of waters stored on Cat Lake and Bear Lake to push the logs down the Bear River to the Pine Falls Mill. The presence of a pulp mill in Manitoba created winter employment for thousands of Manitobans. In the 90 years of its existence, the Pine Falls Mill was a great boon to the economy of Manitoba. See the full news story to learn more about the Pine Falls Mill.
Affiliation with an Association Chapter
Did you know that Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba practitioners can affiliate with Association chapters? You are invited to affiliate with any of the Association's chapters through your online member profile. Affiliation with a chapter is not exclusively based on ethnicity or location. Anyone can join any chapter for mutual support, networking, and special events. Choose a chapter and get involved today!
Online Professional Development Opportunities
Centennial Speaker Series: Difficult Conversations Webinar - June 2, 2020
Difficult conversations are not fun, and most people dread them. If you are someone that would rather do anything else than have this type of conversation, you are not alone. Join this one-hour, complimentary webinar as part of the Centennial Speaker Series to gain strategies to help you increase your confidence and produce positive results as well. For more information and to register online, see the event listing.
Built Green Canada Webinar: Materials & Methods - June 2, 2020
Built Green Canada is developing a series of webinars focused on their certification programs, each concentrating on key components of the program. This one-hour webinar will look at the importance of the efficient use of durable, environmentally friendly materials and methods in the built environment, and for creating healthier homes. For more information, see the event listing.
CPA Canada Financial Literacy Small Business Webinar Series
CPA Canada Financial Literacy has designed a free comprehensive series to help small business owners manoeuvre through the new hurdles presented by COVID-19. The series features a variety of webinar topics including Honest Talks with the Experts - Tough Conversations on Restructuring and Financial Survival for Entrepreneurs. For a full list of their webinars, visit their website.
Wellness in a Time of Crisis Webinar Series
Many things are uncertain right now, but what is certain is that financial wellbeing and mental wellness are connected. CPA Canada and Canada Life have joined to develop the Wellness in a Time of Crisis Webinar Series to help you navigate through this challenging time. Click on the links below for more information.
Looking for more online training opportunities? Click here to access a full listing of training delivered online.