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News Notice
March 18, 2021

Improvements to Manitoba's Provisions for Unpaid Military Leave for Reservists
The Canadian Forces Liaison Council is pleased to announce that the Manitoba government has recently implemented legislative improvements to existing employment provisions for Unpaid Military Leave for Reservists. See the news story for a summary of key provisions under the Code as well as best practices. Are you a reservist or employ one? Thank you for your service and support of those who serve.
Certificate of Authorization Renewals
Certificate of Authorizations are currently renewing for the period of May 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022. Renewal notices have been mailed out to the listed authorized designates. All companies who hold a Certificate of Authorization must submit their renewal payment by April 9 or complete a cancellation form. Renewals can be made online.
Have you seen our newest My Story videos? Watch to hear why Atlanta Geleta, EIT, believes that in a world that hinges on our ability to address climate change, engineers are at the forefront of innovation for good. See more inspiring videos and stories on the My Story page.
Volunteer Opportunities
National Advisory Committee - Canada's Volunteer Awards
Canada's Volunteer Awards is looking for volunteers for its National Advisory Committee. Committee members play a leading role in the selection of Canada's Volunteer Awards recipients by reviewing nominations and making recommendations to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development. They also support the promotion of the program throughout their three-year term. The committee consists of 15 volunteer members from across Canada who are passionate about volunteering and are selected based on their knowledge and experience working or volunteering in support of community development. For more information on this opportunity, please visit the Employment and Social Development Canada website.
Professional Development Opportunities
2021 Project Donate Engineering and Geoscience Challenge - Extended until March 31, 2021
In recognition of March being National Engineering and Geoscience Month, Canadian Blood Services is partnering with the engineering and geoscience sectors in Manitoba to roll up their sleeves to save a life. To learn how you can get involved, see the event listing. Did you know that practitioners can log one hour of Participation ProDev for donating blood? It's a win-win! Sign up to donate today!
National Engineering and Geoscience Month Virtual Activities - March 1 - 31, 2021
In addition to over 70 professional development opportunities for practitioners, there are activities for participants of all ages to learn about engineering and geoscience. Visit our event listing to learn more about the activities offered in March and share with friends, family, and teachers in your community.
Curious how much load a bridge made of spaghetti can hold? Tune-in online to watch as our professional engineers break trusses made of spaghetti and white glue. See the event listing for more information.
Organizational behaviour is no longer just for social scientists. Attend this one-hour virtual session to help you leverage your soft skills and improve your ability to lead and adapt to the changing demands of the workplace. This session is one of more than 70 sessions happening throughout the month of March in celebration of National Engineering and Geoscience Month. To register for this session or view the complete schedule, see the event listing.

Looking for more online training opportunities? Click here to access a full listing of training delivered online.