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News Notice
March 25, 2021

Online Engagement for Phase 2 of Perimeter Highway Safety Review
Practitioners are encouraged to provide feedback on Phase 2 of Perimeter Highway Safety Review through the Engage Manitoba platform. Your feedback is extremely valuable to ensure that the public interest is better served and protected. For more information, see the news story.
New Legislation Results in New Registration Requirements in BC
Engineers and Geoscientists BC is now under new legislation which introduces a new requirement for all firms in BC that engage in the practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience as part of their operations to register for a Permit to Practice. For more information, see the news story.
Have you seen our newest My Story videos? Watch to see what Cory Vitt, P.Eng., has to share about increasing diversity, breaking barriers within the professions, and making the world a better place. See more inspiring videos and stories on the My Story page.
Volunteer Opportunities
Competency Based Assessors - Multiple Positions
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is currently piloting the Competency Based Assessment (CBA) process with a small cohort of interns. CBA is conducted to determine if an applicant has progressed to a professional level of competency in their field of work experience, by asking applicants to use situational actions to demonstrate their achievements of the required competencies. Assessors will review submissions as well as validator feedback to provide ratings for each competency and then comment on the applicant's readiness for professional registration. We are looking for professional members from all disciplines to become assessors. Members in good standing in the following disciplines are the most needed; civil, mechanical (particularly manufacturing and HVAC), electrical, computer, project management/construction management, and aerospace. For more information on this opportunity, please see the call for volunteers.
Awards Committee - Multiple Positions
The Awards Committee is responsible for receiving nominations and selecting candidates from among Association practitioners so that professionals are recognized for their excellence by the Association at the annual Awards Gala. The Awards Committee also prepares nominations for submission to the Engineers Canada and Geoscientists Canada awards. The committee is currently looking for members who are well networked within the engineering and/or geoscience community, have a general working knowledge of the Association's award categories, and strong written communication skills. For more information on this opportunity, please see the call for volunteers.
Professional Development Opportunities
National Engineering and Geoscience Month Virtual Activities - Until March 31, 2021
Looking for ways to keep youth busy during March Break? In addition to over 70 professional development opportunities for practitioners, there are activities for participants of all ages to learn about engineering and geoscience along with the chance to win some great prizes too! Visit our event listing to learn more about these fun and educational activities.
Virtual Spaghetti Bridge Breaking - March 25, 2021
Curious how much load a bridge made of spaghetti can hold? Tune-in online today between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m to watch as our professional engineers break trusses made of spaghetti and white glue. See the event listing for more information.
Organizational Behaviour from an Engineer's Perspective - March 30, 2021
Organizational behaviour is no longer just for social scientists. Attend this one-hour virtual session to help you leverage your soft skills and improve your ability to lead and adapt to the changing demands of the workplace. This session is one of more than 70 sessions happening throughout the month of March in celebration of National Engineering and Geoscience Month. To register for this session or view the complete schedule, see the event listing.
Professionalism in Engineering - March 31, 2021
Join EngGeoMB's CEO & Registrar Grant Koropatnick for a 45-minute presentation on professionalism what it means to be a professional which is often misunderstood by the public and practitioners. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions about professionalism during the live Q&A. Visit the event listing to register.

Looking for more online training opportunities? Click here to access a full listing of training delivered online.