Past Presidents Book Project

The Past Presidents Book Project is funded through donations made by Past Presidents for the purchase of books for the University of Manitoba's Engineering Library. Each book is donated in the name of a former Past President of the Association.

Stanley Pauley Engineering Building

[Stanley Pauley Engineering Building]

The APEGM Foundation will match donations made to the new Stanley Pauley Engineering Building at the University of Manitoba. Individual donations made by Association members will be matched on a dollar for dollar basis so for each dollar you give the building receives two dollars. The matching program covers donations up to $100 but you can, of course, give more.

Only the first $100 dollars is being matched and a tax receipt will be issued for the amount you donate. The Foundation has set aside $25,000 for this program so please give generously and make us give the entire amount to this great cause.

Geoscience Gallery

Brandon University Department of Geology

Engineering and Information Technology Complex (EITC)

University of Manitoba

The EITC supports the innovation strategies of Canada, Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg.

The EITC address the following challenges identified by Canada's Innovation Strategy:

  • Knowledge Performance
    In addition to creating new marketable ideas and technologies, the EITC strengthens the University of Manitoba's research environment and develops research partnerships with industry.
  • Skills
    The EITC provides Manitoba with people qualified to support high technology industries.
  • Strong Communities
    The EITC uses its position as a centre of high technology research and teaching to help develop high technology industries throughout Manitoba, a goal also shared by the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg.

University-educated engineers, computer scientists, and research partnerships provided by the EITC address the following priorities of Manitoba's Innovation Framework:

  • Aerospace
  • Advanced manufacturing, and hydro and alternative energy developments
  • Biotechnology
  • Information and communications technologies (ICT)
  • New media