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Empowering Indigenous Peoples

Knowledge is power. The professions of engineering and geoscience for Indigenous peoples provides a wide range of career opportunities which could last a lifetime. Helping to create positive change and solving problems is one of the foundations for pursuing this fulfilling career direction. In addition to these great opportunities, ENGAP (Engineering Access Program) offers Indigenous students the support and resources you may need to help you in your journey. Whether you're young and uncertain of life direction, or have been in the workforce for years and looking for new opportunities, this path may be right for you. See where it can take you.

Stories to Inspire

Mihskakwan James Harper

EIT, M.Sc.

Being fascinated with how the natural world interacts with us, and the relationships offered. Using math, you can express those relationships.

Karina Buckingham

Civil Engineering Student, University of Manitoba

In grade 8, it started with discovering how much I really liked math. There are so many different streams in civil engineering you can take, with so much opportunity.

Trevor Ouellette

P.Eng, FEC Civil Engineer

I've always been interested in fixing and repairing things. The curiosity of a go cart at a very young age, building one and "ripping it up and down the street" that was the beginning...

Jarell Crampton

HVDC Maintenance Engineer-in-training, Manitoba Hydro

The inspiration and drive is the curiosity of wanting to know how things work. What we can do with our understanding of our world and our physics...

Erin Ouellette

University of Manitoba, ENGAP Engineering Student

It was "take your kid to work day" with my dad. There was a bridge building contest with popsicle sticks. He made me think about how to build it better. "This is really cool"...


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