Frequently Asked Questions

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In October 2015, the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) moved to a computer-based testing platform.

Is there a change to the number of questions on the exam?
Yes. Ten questions have been added. There are now 110 questions.
Now that there are 110 questions, do I have extra time to complete my exam?
Yes. To allow you more time to answer all 110 questions on the exam, an additional 30 minutes have been added. In total, you are given 2.5 hours to complete the exam.
Has the cost of the exam changed?
No. The cost to write will be the same as the paper exam.
Is the exam still offered on one day?
You now have more flexibility in writing the exam. Depending on demand, exam days range from one to three days, with a morning and afternoon timeslot on each day.
Where can I take my exam?
The computerized NPPE provides access to a large selection of test centre locations in Manitoba and North America. When you first register for the NPPE through your online profile, you will specify your preferred location where you would like to write the exam.

Once the locations are finalized, based on demand and availability, you will receive an email inviting you to book your desired location from the available test centres. Your confirmation email will include all details (test centre location, date, timeslot and additional instructions for exam day).

Once your exam is booked, there are no refunds or deferrals.
Who is the vendor providing the new testing service?
Yardstick has been carefully selected to provide exam delivery software and services for the NPPE. This award-winning vendor has been chosen based on its excellent reputation in providing computer-based testing services to clients around the world, including large-sized associations such as IATA and the Insurance Institute of Canada.
Is the computer-based NPPE more difficult than the paper-based exam?
No. The computer-based NPPE is the same as the paper-based exam.
Can I familiarize myself with the computer-based exam software before taking the exam?
Yes. Once you register for the computer-based exam, you will have free access to a tutorial quiz prior to the exam date, which will be very similar to the actual exam software.
Is the computer-based NPPE still a multiple-choice exam?
Yes. The computer-based exam still consists of multiple-choice questions with four possible answers for each question.
How do the questions appear on screen?
The questions will appear one at a time on your screen.
If I change my mind, can I go back and change my answer?
Yes. You may move between questions and change answers at any point during the exam.
How do I time my exam?
The exam supervisor at the test centre will time the exam. There will also be a timer on your monitor that lets you know how much time you have left.
If there is an interruption during my exam due to a power failure or computer malfunction, will I lose all of my answers?
No. Your answers are saved on a central server. If the power or Internet is interrupted, you will be able to continue with the exam where you left off, even if you switch computers.
Will the NPPE be available in both English and French?
Yes. The exam will be available in both English and French, and applicants can switch on the spot between English and French versions if they choose.
I have special needs. Can I still take the computer-based exam?
Yes. Every effort will be made to accommodate applicants with special needs. Large print, extra time, a separate room, special lighting, and other requests require the approval of the Association. Please contact the Pre-Registration Program Coordinator for more detail.
When will I receive the results after I take the computer-based exam?
Your results will be available through your online member profile approximately six weeks after you write the exam. No results will be given out over the phone. Applicants who do not pass get a written letter with a report that outlines their strong and weak areas to help them improve on future attempts of the exam.
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