Spaghetti Bridge Competition Registration

Registration Deadline

For Spaghetti Bridge 2019, please submit all registration forms by March 4, 2019.

Registration Forms

Mixed-grade teams are allowed to enter the competition but must compete in the higher grade class. (E.g. a team containing two grade 2 students and one grade 3 student must enter in the grade 3 category)

Pizza Party!

Enter 10 or more students for the Spaghetti Bridge Competition and receive a $100 gift certificate to your class for a pizza party! Qualifying classes will automatically receive their certificate after the competition, if they pre-register their group beforehand.

Please note that each class is independent. Within each class there needs to be a minimum of 10 students that take part, either independently or as teams of 2-3 students each. The minimum number of team entries depends on how many students are per team.