Academic Assessment

If you are an internationally-trained engineer or geoscientist who has completed an appropriate post-secondary program (typically bachelor's degree) and who wishes to practice engineering or geoscience in Manitoba, you will be legally required to become registered with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

This means that even though you have a university degree in engineering or geoscience, and you may have worked as an engineer or geoscientist in another country, you may not call yourself a professional engineer or professional geoscientist in Manitoba until you have become registered with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. You may also not take responsibility for engineering or geoscience work until you have become licensed with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Each province in Canada conducts their own academic assessment. You must apply for your P.Eng. or P.Geo licence in the province or territory where you want to work. Visit the Engineers Canada website for information.

Canadian-Trained Geoscientists

Those who hold a four-year honours/specialist/major degree from a Canadian University, start with a Canadian Geoscience Assessment.

If you will be moving to Manitoba and you would like to start the admission process, review the application requirements and frequently asked questions. Be aware that Manitoba residency is a requirement.

Credential Authentication

Before you submit your Application for Admission, you must get your documents authenticated by World Education Services (WES). We do not accept credential assessments done by other agencies.

If you have completed a post-graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) from a Canadian university, there is an alternative to the WES ICAP document-by-document credential evaluation. You may ask the Canadian university to send copies of your undergraduate transcript, that they received at the time of your application for the post-graduate degree, and your post-graduate transcript, to the International Assessment Coordinator. If for any reason you cannot get the university to provide these transcripts, then you must provide the WES ICAP document-by-document credential evaluation.

Gather Required Documents

  • World Education Services (WES) ICAP document-by-document report (ICAP)
  • A PDF of Proof of Manitoba Residency (Manitoba driver's license or Manitoba health card - Please redact or remove the health card numbers) (more)
  • A PDF of your detailed chronological resume
  • If you are licensed in another province or country, a PDF copy of your license
  • If you have passed the NCCES Fundamentals of Engineering and/or the NCEES Professional Engineering Exam (USA), please attach a PDF of proof

Complete the Application Form

All Internationally-Trained Engineers or Geoscientists must apply for an assessment.

Internationally-Trained Geoscientists

If you want to be assessed as a Geoscientist rather than an Engineer, you must include one of the following completed checksheets mapping your geoscience courses to the appropriate syllabus: Geology (PDF), Geophysics (PDF), or Environmental Geology (PDF)

Pay the Assessment Fee

See Fees for details. You will be asked to pay the fees through your online profile once all documentation has been received, and prior to the assessment.

Application Results

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will send your assessment results within four to six weeks.

Staff Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about the academic assessment process, please contact the International Assessment Coordinator.