Canadian Geoscience Assessment

Gather Required Documentation

  • Official Transcript(s),
    Request the Canadian university to issue an official transcript(s) directly to the Association to the attention of the International Assessment Coordinator. All transcripts MUST be mailed to the Association directly in a sealed envelope. Student-issued transcripts are not acceptable.
  • Relevant self-assessment syllabus checklist:

    Please complete the checklists neatly and legibly or you will be asked to resubmit. Include the course number AND name; for example: "62.160 Computer Science I", NOT "Computer Science I". We will need the transcripts for all courses identified.

  • Photocopy of each degree/diploma you hold
  • Photocopy of current passport or driver's licence

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba has aligned its syllabi for each of the three disciplines of Geoscience to the Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada (PDF).

Complete the Application Form

Pay the Assessment Fee

See Fees for details.

Application Results

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will mail you your assessment results within four to six weeks.