Academic Assessment Results

Upon receipt of your required documents, application form and fees, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will compare your educational credentials to the accepted syllabus for your field of study in Manitoba.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will send you your assessment results within three to four months time. Your results will be one of the following:

Academically Qualified

Your assessment application confirms that you have the required level and quality of academic training. You are therefore deemed academically qualified:

  • Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will provide you with a letter of invitation describing how to proceed with registration.

Exams or Alternatives

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba needs to confirm the level and quality of your academic training before it can deem you academically qualified:

Application Denied

Reasons why your application might be denied:

  • You do not hold an Engineering or Geoscience degree
  • Your academic background is at a Technician level
  • You would be required to write more than eight exams in order to become academically qualified


If you discover new information that may change your assessment results, you may apply for a re-assessment. Contact the International Assessment Coordinator for details.