Request For Reconsideration

The Registration Committee approves applications for membership to the Association. To assist this decision, the Registration Committee receives recommendations from:

  • Academic Review Committee
  • Experience Review Committee
  • Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba staff

To request a new recommendation, submit a written request to the Registration Coordinator who will forward your information to the appropriate Committee for consideration.

Note: Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba may enquire with other resources to make a new recommendation

Request For Appeal

You may appeal a notice of refusal within 30 days of receiving it, for the following types of applications:

  • Pre-Registration
  • Professional Member
  • Temporary Licence
  • Certificate of Authorization
  • Specified scope of practice licence

Your appeal must be in writing, be directed to the Registration Committee, and must:

  • Specify why you feel the decision is unjustified
  • List all errors you feel the Registration Committee made

Appeal Deposit

You must make a cash deposit to file an appeal, which will be refunded if your appeal is granted.


Council decides within 90 days of your appeal hearing. Council will notify you in writing of the result.

Council's decision will also:

  • Limit its scope to the points raised in the appeal
  • Be consistent with a finding the Registration Committee could have made
  • Determine if your deposit will be refunded

Current Appeals

No appeals in progress.