Reinstatement and Resuming Active Practice

Former Association members may reinstate under certain conditions, without completing the full member registration process.

Completion of an application form is required if membership status change is greater than 6 months.

Not in Good Standing

If your Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba membership was terminated due to non-payment of dues:

  • You must submit a letter or e-mail with your application explaining why you allowed your membership to lapse
  • You must pay the applicable registration fees

Professional Practice Exam (PPE)

If you have never written a Professional Practice Exam, you must write the National PPE unless you have over 10 years of registered practice in Canada.

Resuming Active Practice

If you are a member in the Senior or On Leave category who wishes to resume practising status, please contact the ProDev Coordinator.

The Continuing Competency Committee (CCC) will consider your application and may advise you to comply with certain conditions prior to resuming unrestricted practice. When you have received the CCC's acceptance to resume active practice, you are required to engage in professional development activities beginning on your resumption date.