Indigenous Members Chapter

The Indigenous Members Chapter is a new Chapter of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. The Chapter is in the initial development stages and is looking for new members and students.

Focus and Purpose

The Chapter will focus on supporting and encouraging the practice of engineering and geoscience by Members who identify as Canadian Indigenous people. The purpose of the Chapter is to assist the Association in achieving its Ends as they relate to the Chapter Focus. To achieve this purpose, the Chapter shall endeavor to:

  1. Encourage and assist in the registration and licensing of Canadian Indigenous persons who are qualified to become part of the Chapter Focus.
  2. Be a resource to the Council and Association.
  3. Support professional development within the Chapter Focus.
  4. Increase Chapter Member engagement with the Association.
  5. Support and assist the Association's Indigenous People's Initiative Committee (IPIC).
  6. Undertake and/or engage in community projects or otherwise cooperate and/or collaborate with community service oriented groups, or entities in their programs, projects, and activities that are within the scope of the Chapter.

The Association Council has set a goal to increase the Indigenous membership. This demographic information was not collected in the past, so you are welcomed to submit a Canadian Indigenous Self-Declaration.

Chapter Constitution

Indigenous Members Chapter Constitution (14 June 2018)

Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for the following volunteers:

  • Event planning and coordination
  • Website development and maintenance

Chapter Membership

Indigenous Members Chapter Application Form

Chapter Events

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Contact Information

Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of all backgrounds have a role to play in making this chapter a success, so if you'd like to learn more about this chapter and how you can participate, please contact EngGeoMB.Indigenous.Chapter@gmail.com