When Registered Elsewhere

In Canada

You can get registered in Manitoba if you are currently registered as a P.Eng. or P.Geo. with another Canadian regulator.

PE from USA

If you have passed the Canadian National Professional Practice Exam you qualify for US Mobility. It is only possible to write the PPE after you have enrolled with one of the provincial associations. Otherwise you may apply for a US Temporary License.

Gather Required Documents

  • A PDF of your detailed chronological resume
  • Review if a Certificate of Authorization application is also required

  • US Temporary Licence also requires original final transcripts sent directly from their NCEES accredited university, the first time they apply.

If you work for a company that doesn't currently hold a Certificate of Authorization to provide services in Manitoba, submit an Application for Certificate of Authorization along with your Application for Admission.

Learn More > Certificate of Authorization

Complete the Application Form

Pay the Required Fees

See Fees for details.


You must submit your application at least two weeks prior to the next Registration Committee meeting to be eligible for consideration at that meeting.

See the Events Calendar for Registration Committee meeting dates.

Next Step

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will process your application and send you a decision letter within a month. If applicable, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will advise you that you have been registered as a Professional Member. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will place your name on the public register. You must renew your membership annually.

If you are refused membership, your decision letter will provide reasons why and advice on how to become eligible for membership with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. You may appeal the decision. See Appeals for details.