Volunteer Positions

With the Association

Keystone Professional The Keystone Professional Committee is responsible for communications to Association practitioners and the release of information to the public via the publication of The Keystone Professional. Members of the committee solicit and develop articles on topics of interest to the membership for publication and by liaising with other Association committees or task groups to provide information of specific or general benefit to the membership.

The committee is looking for a professional engineer or geoscientist, intern, student, or assessment candidate who can participate in regular meetings to discuss current issues relating to engineering and geoscience, has a keen interest in writing and editing articles of interest for publication in The Keystone Professional, and who has previous writing and editing experience. [more].
Registration Committee - Multiple Positions The Registration Committee (RC) is a committee of Council, made up of registered professional members from both engineering and geoscience disciplines. The committee is responsible for conducting the final review for members and Interns who are moving forward towards final registration. RC is currently seeking new professional members to join the committee, while all members are welcome to apply, the committee is most in need of professional members with expertise in the following areas: mining, mechanical/HVAC, geological engineers or geoscientists. [more].
Competency-Based Assessors - Multiple Positions Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is currently piloting the Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) with a small cohort of interns. CBA is conducted to determine if an applicant has progressed to a professional level of competency in their field of work experience, by asking applicants to use situational actions to demonstrate their achievements of the required competencies.

Assessors will review submissions as well as validator feedback to provide ratings for each competency and then comment on the applicant's readiness for professional registration.

We are looking for additional Assessors that are currently registered as a practising professional member and are receiving remuneration on a full-time or regular basis (greater than 300 hours per calendar year) in the practice of professional engineering and/or professional geoscience, are reporting full ProDev, and have an awareness of current practice standards, employer contexts, and workplace cultures. [more]
Association Committees Committees cover a wide variety of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba functions. If a committee is looking to fill a specific vacancy they will post an item on this page.
Association Chapters Chapters are active and diverse, with many opportunities to lend a hand. Contact each chapter for details.

Regardless of the current calls for volunteers, you can submit the volunteer application form to register your interests, which we can review when a specific need arises.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Refer to each organization's website for the most current information:

Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) Seeking professional Engineers with an ISO / Quality Management & Manufacturing background to provide consulting experience to client businesses and organizations in developing nations, new free markets, and Canadian Aboriginal communities.
Commitment: Approx. 1-3 weeks per assignment.
Compensation: We pay all assignment related expenses and insurance.
Engineers Without Borders Help developing communities help themselves, such as provide them with cleaner water and access to useful technology.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Winnipeg Section Network with peers and learn new technical skills by joining the world's leading professional association for technological advancement. The Winnipeg section includes Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.
International HOPE Canada Inc. All are welcome to refurbish medical equipment on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. This equipment will be shipped internationally, wherever it's needed.
Junior Achievement of Manitoba Seeking professionals to help high school students undertake entrepreneurial projects. Consider volunteering for a specific Junior Achievement program, such as the Company Program.
Manitoba Schools' Science Symposium To keep this familiar and fun educational event running, join the Symposium's Board of Directors or planning committee.
Public Policy Forum (PPF) Improve the Canadian government by improving communication between public, private, and voluntary sectors. The PPF is independent and not-for-profit.
Tetra Society of North America Tetra is a non-profit organization that assists individuals with disabilities to help them gain greater independence, quality of life and inclusion, by matching up volunteers and clients to design and build customized assistive devices. Tetra is always looking for volunteers who are interested in working with the clients to help them overcome a particular mobility related obstacle. All the projects created volunteers are covered by insurance.
International Centre for Technical & Vocational Education & Training (UNEVOC) Help Member States of the United Nations develop practices and policies to make sure their education systems match the needs of the working world.
Volunteer Canada Increase volunteerism and civic participation by contributing to ongoing programs, special projects, and national initiatives.
Volunteer Manitoba Strengthen communities by working with all kinds of partners, including government, researchers, and businesses, to name a few.
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce By increasing the Chamber's membership and by sharing any ideas and expertise you have, you will improve the prospect for local businesses to network and to earn more customers.