Work Experience

As of September 2022, all new interns follow the Competency-Based Assessment instead of this previous experience review process. These details are for reference only, until the last applicants get registered or switch to CBA.

You must verify at least four years of current work experience to be eligible for professional registration. Current work experience is work completed within the past five years. Experience older than that can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Work experience is verified using progress reports that are reviewed by experienced practitioners in your discipline.

You may require more than four years of work experience if your work is not deemed to be of sufficiently high quality or does not show progression.

Make sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions.


Your work experience must include:

  1. Four years of work experience in total
  2. At least one year of work experience obtained in Canada. On a case-by-case basis experience earned in a Canadian company overseas could be considered.

Your work experience may include:

  1. Up to six months of related training or technologist-level work in engineering or geoscience
  2. Up to four years of past experience
  3. Up to three years of foreign work experience
  4. Unlimited regular experience
    • Defined as experience gained once you are admitted as an intern and are working in a related capacity
  5. Unlimited late experience
    • Defined as regular work experience submitted in a progress report after the two-month grace period
    • Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba counts back 14 months from the day you submitted the progress report
    • If the date (14 months back) falls within your reporting period, the time before that date is late experience
    • You must pay a late fee to claim the late experience
    • Those who have completed the Academic Assessment Process will not be subject to late fees
  6. Up to one year of pre-graduation experience
    • Can be claimed by students who are enrolled at the time the work experience is gained
    • Complete a report for every continuous position held. For example, if you have worked at the same place for three summers, three reports are expected and they should not be the same. If you have worked for 12 months continuously without a break, it would be acceptable to submit one much longer and more detailed report.
    • Experience must be validated by a P.Eng. or P.Geo. supervisor and, if applicable, a mentor
    • Includes co-op and internship programs supervised by a professional member who is prepared to vouch for that experience
    • Students may claim the experience prior to graduation to avoid a fee (otherwise you must pay the fee associated with claiming your work experience once admitted as an intern)
    • Students may claim only work experience obtained after the mid-point of your degree - after a minimum of 58 credit hours earned toward your engineering or geoscience undergraduate degree
    • Students must provide transcripts for validation and the accompanying form. See pre-graduation work experience for details.
  7. An amount of post-graduate (academic) experience
    • M.Sc.

      The Experience Review Committee will credit 12 months to interns who have completed their Canadian research-based M.Sc in engineering. To obtain credit please provide:

      • Your start and end date of your degree
      • A copy of your degree
      • A copy of your transcripts stating the date the degree was awarded.

      You cannot claim work experience AND your masters at the same time; you will have to choose one or the other. You are still required one year of work experience in a Canadian environment. For more information on the M.Sc work experience credit, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

    • Ph.D.

      To obtain credit for your Ph.D. or Post Doctoral work, you should complete your progress reports as you would any other progress reports, except you must indicate which portion of time was devoted to thesis work or the teaching of 3rd or 4th year engineering courses and which portion of time was devoted to other activities.

      Currently, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will allow up to 48 months of credit for Ph.D. The same reporting requirements apply, such as showing progression and providing sufficient detail in your progress report.

      For more information on the Ph.D. work experience, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

  8. Unlimited pre-enrolment experience
    • Defined as experience gained in Manitoba between graduation or academic qualification and admission to the pre-registration program
    • You must pay the pre-admission fee for each month you wish to count
    • Those who have completed the Academic Assessment process will not be subject to pre-enrolment fees

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