Professional References

As of September 2022, all new interns follow the Competency-Based Assessment instead of this previous experience review process. These details are for reference only, until the last applicants get registered or switch to CBA.

When you complete 36 months of approved work experience as an Intern, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will ask you, through your online feedback, to request references from three professional members who have knowledge of your work.


Similar to the progress reports, your references will be asked to complete the professional reference form through their online profile.

Professional References will be reviewed with your final report. If approved, your file will be eligible for consideration at the next available Registration Committee (RC) meeting. The Registration Committee is the final approving body. They will determine if you become a registered member.

The Experience Review Committee (ERC) manages the pre-registration program. They review your progress reports, volunteer service, and professional development and make recommendations to the Registration Committee.

The ERC meets once a month; the deadline for consideration is two weeks prior to each meeting. Your supervisor, and mentor if applicable, must submit their comments on your report, and all references received, two weeks prior to a meeting to be considered. If you do not meet the ERC deadline, your file will be forwarded to the next available ERC meeting.


After the Experience Review Committee has reviewed your file, feedback will be available through your online profile. Do not contact the Association by e-mail for your feedback.