Intern - Volunteer Service

You must complete 48 hours of volunteer service to be eligible for professional registration. These volunteer hours must be earned after graduation, preferably while on the pre-registration program.


  1. Login at enggeomb.ca
  2. Submit your volunteer service online

The Experience Review Committee will:

  • Assess your report
  • Credit your volunteer service hours


Your volunteer service must:

  • Be something you do
  • Be unpaid
  • Be provided to a charitable, community or technical organization (not for a relative of any age)
  • Total a minimum of 48 hours (12 if you've come from the Assessment Program)

Your volunteer service may include:

  • Run in a marathon for charity
  • Serve on a technical committee
  • Serve on an Association committee
  • Serve with a Rotary or Kiwanis
  • Volunteer in a senior centre
  • Organize or make a presentation at an Association Chapter or Annual General Business Meeting
  • Organize or make a presentation at a seminar
  • Help organize a technical society function such as a meeting or seminar
  • Serve on a technical society committee
  • Serve on a Board or committee in an Engineering or Geoscientific capacity
  • Provide job shadowing for a student
  • Mentor a student outside the workplace
  • Judge a science fair
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation on Engineering or Geoscience as a career to a school classroom or youth organization such as 4H, Guides, Scouts or Junior Achievement
  • Staff a Career Day or Career Symposium booth and/or prepare and set up a display on Engineering or Geoscience
  • Participate as a Production Advisor to a Junior Achievement company
  • Prepare a technical paper for a conference and/or publication
  • Present a technical paper
  • Referee a technical paper
  • Sponsor an Engineering or Geoscience student at the annual Association Student Networking Event (2 hours max per event)
  • Hold a Board position
  • Participate in the operation of a community club, cultural group or religious organization
  • Coach or manage a team
  • Organize a cultural event
  • Participate in a community volunteer organization such as the Lion's Club or Big Brothers/Sisters
  • Help organize or produce a community event such as a play or concert
  • Organize a charity event
  • Give blood (1 hour per donation)

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You are encouraged to continue to participate in volunteer service activities after satisfying the pre-registration requirement, however, reporting these hours is not required.