30 by 30 Initiative


In December 2017, the Council of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba approved an initial two years of funding to increase the percentage of newly licensed engineers who are women to 30% by the year 2030. This initiative, commonly referred to as '30 by 30', was introduced to engineering associations across Canada by Engineers Canada.

A market analysis was conducted, dedicated staff hired, and the Dear 2030 marketing campaign to students and engineering executives was launched in May 2018. An environmental scan was initiated to aid in the development of a strategic plan, as part of the exploration phase of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's 30 by 30 Strategic Plan process.

The 30 by 30 program was operationalized under the newly formed Department of Equity and Representation in January 2020.

Environmental Scan Provides Insights


The scan provides insights as to why diversity and gender parity in engineering are important, and includes a review of findings and recommendations to address the barriers faced by girls and women from early childhood and all along the engineering pipeline. The environmental scan is available below.

Relatedly, please see our recommended talking points when speaking to potential engineers, whether during a scheduled classroom presentation or in daily conversations, available below. Our research shows that we may be unintentionally turning people, and disproportionately, girls, away from engineering by the ways in which we talk about the profession. This is one thing we can all begin to do to reach gender parity!

30 by 30 Strategic Plan

Based on the 30 by 30 Environmental Scan, Engineering Changes Lives Provincial Steering Committee meetings, and interviews with stakeholders in industry, academia and government, the 30 by 30 Strategic Plan guides the work of the Department of Equity and Representation to meet End 5.2; by 2030, 30% of newly licensed engineers will be women, and this is a priority.

Manitoba 2030 Coalition


As a response to the petitions sent from the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Dear 2030 marketing campaign in Spring 2018, multiple organisations came together to address gendered barriers to recruitment, retention, and equity in the profession, resulting in the creation of the Manitoba 2030 Coalition.

Since November 2018, the Manitoba 2030 Coalition has met quarterly to determine how their organizations can retain experienced team members as well as improve their recruitment of candidates by reducing systemic and personal gender bias and thus optimising their work environments for women in engineering.

Just over one year in, several Coalition employers have created or expanded internal initiatives, and have agreed to share their lessons with the group.

The Manitoba 2030 Coalition includes representatives from PCL Construction, Manitoba Hydro, Standard Aero, Boeing, Hatch, AECOM, Dillon Consulting, KGS Group, Stantec, Crosier Kilgour, MCI, the Province of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba, Red River College, Charleson Engineering, the Association of Canadian Engineering Companies, and Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Girl Power Campaign


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Girl Power campaign calls on girls to consider pursuing careers in engineering and geoscience by highlighting the meaningful and inspiring work of four Manitoba women.

Students of all genders can solve a question related to the grade 9 math and science curriculum to receive a T-shirt shipped to them for free. The shirts come with hang tags indicating the high school pre-requisites needed to apply to Manitoba engineering and geoscience programs.

Help us share this initiative by directing the high school students in your life to the Girl Power campaign website.

The Inhinyera Initiative

The Filipino Members Chapter of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba has an initiative in support of Engineers Canada's goal to increase the representation of women within engineering.

"Inhinyera" is the Filipino/Tagalog term for female engineer. The Filipino Members Chapter is proud to have Filipino female engineers who are driven with passion and continue to make a difference.

See their Inhinyera webpage for short biographies and inspiration.