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The 'An Engineer was Here' and 'A Geoscientist was Here' campaigns are complete in the traditional media, but both are going strong on social media, thanks to the engagement of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba members from across the Province, and beyond.

The campaign was designed and developed so that the public sees the contributions that Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists offer; that they recognize the value we bring; and that they request our unique expertise in planning, creating, managing and protecting our natural and built environments.

The campaign goal:

  • Every project that can benefit from your expertise has it, when they need it.

Here's a summary of the impacts of the messaging:

747,000TV exposures
376,206movie preview views
1,668,100radio listeners reached
10,469,200billboard exposures
623,000transit bus wrap exposures
7,220,136transit shelter wrap impressions

So far:

372Facebook likes
194Followers on Twitter

Keep the Momentum Going...
Like, share, tweet and post images on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #WorldWorksBetter. Photos can be current and past work, things you are proud of, or what you aspire to do.

Click here for a printable pdf of 'An Engineer was Here'
Click here for a printable pdf of 'A Geoscientist was Here'

[An Engineer was Here] [A Geoscientist was Here]

Keep snapping and posting photos of your favorite work.
Tell us about newsworthy projects and stories that we can share.

Direct people to the website or the association if they are looking for more information.

And stay tuned, we'll have more campaign results and opportunities to carry the message forward throughout the year.

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