The Council acts in the name of, and on behalf of, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba to exercise all of the powers, authority, and privileges conferred to the association through The Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Act.

Council Members 2016-2017

[Lindsay Melvin, P.Eng. FEC] Lindsay Melvin, P.Eng. FEC
[Jonathan A. Epp, P.Eng.] Jonathan A. Epp, P.Eng.
[Lesley McFarlane, P.Eng.] Lesley McFarlane, P.Eng.
Past President
[Doug Bell, P.Geo., FGC] Doug Bell, P.Geo., FGC
Elected Councillor (2016-2018)
[James Blatz, P.Eng., FEC] James Blatz, P.Eng., FEC
Elected Councillor (2016-2018)
[Jay Doering, P.Eng., FEC] Jay Doering, P.Eng., FEC
Elected Councillor (2016-2018)
[Ruth Eden, P.Eng.] Ruth Eden, P.Eng.
Executive Committee Member
[Janet Gauthier, P.Eng.] Janet Gauthier, P.Eng.
Elected Councillor (2016-2018)
[John Guenther, P.Eng., FEC] John Guenther, P.Eng., FEC
Elected Councillor (2015-2017)
[Neil Klassen, CET] Neil Klassen, CET
Appointed Councillor
[Sarantos Mattheos, LLB] Sarantos Mattheos, LLB
Appointed Councillor
[David Owens, P.Geo.] David Owens, P.Geo.
Elected Councillor (2015-2017)
[Don Spangelo, P.Eng. FEC] Don Spangelo, P.Eng. FEC
Elected Councillor (2015-2017)*
[Christopher Trenholm, P.Eng.] Christopher Trenholm, P.Eng.
Intern Councillor (2015-2017)

* This council seat filled as per By-Law 3.1.8 Vacancies.

Carver Governance Model

The Association uses its three governing legal documents along with the Carver Governance Model® to conduct business as a non-profit, self-regulating professional body. The Carver model clearly distinguishes the job of the Council from the job of the Chief Executive Officer.

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