Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week

Engineering and geoscience are exciting and truly all around us. From satellites to smartphones, from computers to commuter trains, engineers and geoscientists use breakthrough designs, technologies, and approaches daily so that Canadians can work efficiently, play safely, and enjoy life fully.

Every March the profession hosts Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week (PEGW) as part of the larger National Engineering and Geoscience Month across Canada. Here, Canadian youth see what makes engineering and geoscience as exciting and fun career choices. The week is also a chance for students to match their skills and interests with one of the many engineering disciplines.

PEGW in Manitoba has the following objectives:

  • Promote engineering and geoscience as a career
  • Celebrate Manitoba's excellence in engineering and geoscience
  • Showcase the vital role engineering and geoscience play in the daily lives of all Manitobans

What's on?

Check out PEGW Events, including the Spaghetti Bridge Competition on the Events calendar