Support Services

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Links marked with an (asterisk) indicate a website that has a number of resources beyond the listed item.

Job Referral Service

  • Provincial
  • "An online job matching service designed to connect qualified job seekers with job opportunities related to hydro based projects in Manitoba"

Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre

  • Provincial
  • Counselling, job search assistance, access to computers and information on Manitoba's labour market

Employment and Income Assistance

  • Provincial

CancerCare Support Services *

  • Contact: 204-787-2109 or 1-888-561-1026, pfssinquiry@cancercare.mb.ca

Living With Stroke Educational Support Group

  • Contact Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba at 204-949-2000 or toll free 1-888-473-4636

Dementia Support Groups

  • Winnipeg, Brandon
  • Contact 204-729-8320 or email wmprog@alzheimer.mb.ca

Support groups for family/friends of people with dementia

Dementia Services

  • Helpline at 1-800-378-6699
  • Online handbook

Multiple Sclerosis Support Services *

ALS Manitoba Services *

Society for Manitobans With Disabilities *

Living Well With HIV

  • Support group, food bank, assistance fund

Lung Association Support Group

  • Contact at 204-774-5501 ext. 240 or by using the link above

Dystonia Support Group

  • Winnipeg: Dianne at 204-586-2572 or info@dystoniacanada.org

Brain Tumour Support Group

  • For more information, contact 1-800-265-5106 or 519-642-7755

Osteoporosis Programs and Resources *

  • Online
  • Or contact 1-800-463-6842 (English) or 1-800-977-1778 (French)

Parkinson Canada Information and Referral Helpline

  • Contact at the above link or email info@parkinson.ca or call 1-800-565-3000

Parkinson Canada Programs Near You

  • Winnipeg, and various rural locations in Southern Manitoba
  • Events, local offices, support groups

Lyme Disease Support Group

  • Winnipeg

Fibromyalgia Support Group

  • Winnipeg

Brandon and Area Suicide Bereavement Support Group

  • Contact Elan at 204-573-7878 or ehmjay1949@gmail.com

Palliative Manitoba Grief Support Services

  • Telephone support available by contacting info@palliativemanitoba.ca
  • Grief seminars in Winnipeg

SPEAK (Suicide Postvention Education Awareness and Knowledge)

  • Individual and group counselling to people bereaved by suicide; contact 204-784-4055

Employment and Income Assistance (also noted in Job Loss section)

  • Provincial

Manitoba Financial Assistance Programs *

Financial Assistance

  • Job Seekers
  • Youth/students
  • Educators and trainers
  • Business, industry, employers

Manitoba Financial Literacy *

National Bank

  • National Bank offers an exclusive banking package for Engineers and students, including:
    • Everyday banking and commercial banking
    • Discounted rate for unsecured line of credit and student line of credit
    • Preferential rate for home financing
    • Preferential rate for self-direct investment brokerage

    Winnipeg Branch: 179 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg MB R2H 0G4
    Local Contact: Shali Zhang, 204-233-4983 ext 35157, shali.zhang@nbc.ca

Family Conciliation Services

  • Winnipeg - 204-945-7236, Toll-Free - 800-282-8069
  • Brandon - 204-726-6336, Toll-Free - 800-230-1885
  • Dauphin - 204-622-2035, Toll-Free - 866-355-3494
  • Thompson - 204-677-6570, Toll-Free - 866-677-6713
  • The Pas - 204-627-8311, Toll-Free - 866-443-2292
  • Flin Flon - 204-687-1700, Toll-Free - 866-443-2291
  • Swan River - 204-734-3491, Toll-Free - 888-269-6498

How to Find a Good Mental Health Counsellor

  • Mental Health Education Resource Centre of Manitoba
  • Community Leader in Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resource Guide - Winnipeg

  • Online

Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services

  • Telephone HelpLine: 1-866-367-3276
  • Live online chat available
  • Provides telephone and online counselling to farmers, rural and northern Manitobans

Sexual Assault Crisis Counselling

  • Online resource with province-wide crisis telephone lines and Winnipeg in-person counselling

First Nations and Inuit Health

  • Hope for Wellness Help Line 1-855-242-3310. Counselling available in English and French - upon request, in Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktut
  • Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419

Reason to Live

  • Manitoba Suicide Line 1-877-435-7170 (1-877-HELP170)

Peer Connections Manitoba

  • Mental Health Education and Peer Support

Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba *

  • Online resources
  • Including Winnipeg-based support groups for bipolar disorder, depression/anxiety, mood disorders, postpartum depression, and LGBT mood disorders

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba *

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Centre of Manitoba *

  • Online resource
  • Support groups available

Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg

  • Mental health Resource Guide, online

Addictions Agencies (Adults)

  • Winnipeg Men's Intake: 204-944-6209
  • Winnipeg Women's Intake: 204-944-6229
  • Services available in Winnipeg, Brandon, Ste-Rose-du-Lac, Thompson, and 26 communities throughout Manitoba

Addictions Agencies (Youth)

Addictions Foundation Manitoba

Eating Disorders of Manitoba (Adults)

Eating Disorders of Manitoba (Youth)


  • Information on various health treatment options including QuickCare Clinics, Walk-in Clinics, Health Links - Info Santé, Manitoba Poison Centre, etc.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Indigenous Health

  • Provide patient advocacy, language interpretation, discharge planning, spiritual and cultural care, resource support
  • 1-877-940-8880

Alcoholics Anonymous

Youth Crisis Services

  • Winnipeg Youth Resource Centre and Emergency Shelter, contact 204-477-1804 or 1-888-477-1804
  • 24-Hour Crisis line: 204-949-4777 or 1-888-383-2776

Child Development Clinic

  • 204-258-6628; 115 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg, MB
  • Care providers work in partnership with families and community services for children who are developmentally, behaviourally, or physically challenged

Rehabilitation Centre for Children *

  • Promotes excellence in children's rehabilitation and developmental pediatrics through innovative clinical service, education, research and technologies

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre *

  • Provides a range of mental health services to children and adolescents who experience psychiatric and/or emotional disorders

Specialized Services for Children and Youth *

  • Initiative focused on the integration and co-location of services, for Manitoba children and youth, with disabilities and special needs

Manitoba Possible - Children Programs *

  • Enables children with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest at home, at school, and in the community. Programming gives families the information and support they need to provide their children with every possible advantage.
  • Formerly called Society for Manitobans with Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba

  • Karen Velthuys (Executive Director) at 204-774-1821 ext. 1
  • 617 Erin Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 2W1

Children's DisABILITY Services

  • Supports families who are raising a child (or children) with developmental and physical disabilities

St. Amant *

  • Supports children and families through pre-school and school-age autism services, clinical services, residential supports, respite, and a specialized year-round school

Autism Learning Centre *

  • Uses best practice teaching for children with autism in order to prepare our students for greater success in school and in everyday situations

Wirth Behavioural Health

  • Dr. Wirth is a licensed phsychologiest and a board certified behavior analyst-doctoral, and has a PhD in Psychology - Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from the University of Manitoba

Discoveries in Therapy - Occupational Therapist

  • Occupational therapy clinic that provides a unique approach for children, teenagers, parents, and professionals whose lives are impacted by childhood developmental disorders such as autism, Asperger's Syndrome, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, ADHD, etc.

HALO - Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach *

  • Texas, USA
  • Non-profit organization providing academic instruction leading towards communication for persons with autism

Anat Baniel Method - Neuromovement *

  • California, USA
  • Cutting-edge, science-based approach that transforms the lives of children and adults, helping them move beyond pain and limitation

Facebook Autism Groups

Manitoba Organization of Victim Advocates

  • Supports family survivors of homicide victims, helps increase public awareness about victim rights and work with government to enhance and expand legislation, policies and programs that serve crime victims

Caregivers' Guide

eMental Health *

  • Online
  • Self-help, mutual aid, and support groups

211 Manitoba *

  • "211 Manitoba is a searchable online database of government, health, and social services that are available across the province"

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