Spaghetti Bridge Building

Part of Provincial Engineering & Geoscience Week!

Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Grades K-12 | Individuals or teams (max 3 students per team)

Students design and build trusses using only regular spaghetti and white or wood glue.
We test it to destruction to see which truss withstands the most weight.


$100 Winner for each Grade
$250 Grand Prize, overall winner from Grades K-6
$250 Grand Prize, overall winner from Grades 7-12

School Groups with 10 or more students participating in the competition are eligible to receive a $100 pizza party for their class!

Dates and Location

Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week is March 1 - 8, 2020. Check back for updates on locations and registration!

The Spaghetti Bridge Truss Strength Competition has been held annually in Manitoba since 1995 as a part of Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week. It is a vehicle for celebrating and reminding Canadians of the importance of engineering to their lives and as a career choice.

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