Please read about the qualifications for a Certificate of Authorization:

Step 1: Required Documents

Prepare the following to be submitted with the application:

  • A current certificate of professional liability insurance certifying that the company is covered by a contract that conforms to the prescribed terms and conditions
    • If deductible amount is not indicated on the certificate of insurance please indicate the amount in Section 7 on the application form.
  • Evidence of the legal status of the company
    • Evidence must match that on the application form.

Step 2: Application Form

Complete the Application for Certificate of Authorization Form (PDF)

Step 3: Application Fee

Pay the application fee. All fees are in Canadian funds. You may pay by cheque written to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba or by filling out the credit card details on the application form.

Note: American applicants, please pay by bank draft in Canadian funds or by credit card.

Cost 5% GST Total
Application Fee* $238.10 $11.90 $250.00
Annual Fees**
For the annual certification period beginning May 1st, and ending April 30th of either:
(a) Practicing Entity $476.19 $23.81 $500.00
or,   (b) Sole Practitioner $238.10 $11.90 $250.00

*Application fee must be submitted with the application.

**The annnual fees are pro-rated to the month in which your applicaiton is reviewed. Once your application has been approved the Authorized Designate will be contacted with a pro-rated notice for the amount due to activate your Certificate of Authorization. At that time the payment must be received in full for your Certificate of Authorization to be valid, and your certificate and stamp will then be mailed.

Step 4: Delivery

Submit your required documents, application form, and fee by e-mail to the Certificate of Authorization Coordinator, or by mail or in person to:

Certificate of Authorization Coordinator
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
870 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB Canada
R3M 2M7

Step 5: Certificate of Authorization

Following the review or your application, once all requirements are met, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will mail you a Certificate of Authorization within 5 weeks. The Certificate is subject to annual renewal.

IMPORTANT If your company name changes, you must submit a new application.

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