CofA Maintenance & Renewals

Professional Liability Insurance Maintenance

As your Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) is renewed each year, submit a copy of the renewed certificate including the deductible amount, by e-mail to the Certificate of Authorization Coordinator

Annual Renewal

Your Certificate of Authorization (C of A) is valid from May 1 - April 30, regardless of the original approval date.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will send the Authorized Designate a renewal notice in early March.

Steps to Renewal

  1. Complete any special instructions or forms sent with the renewal notice
  2. Pay the renewal fee:
    • Renew your certificate online by credit card, Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit. You will need to know your Certificate of Authorization number, OR
    • Mail in the remittance stub included with the renewal notice with payment by cheque, payable to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. No post-dated payments, or payments in foreign currency accepted.

Change of COO/Authorized Designate or Responsible Member(s)

If your company changes its Authorized Designate and/or its Responsible Members, you must complete an updated Certificate of Authorization Application Form (PDF) (Sections 6 and 7 only)

The public can see who is currently listed for your Certificate of Authorization on our online Company Directory.

Change of Company Name

If your corporation or business number has changed as a result of the name change, you will need to submit a new Certificate of Authorization Application (PDF).

Otherwise, please complete the Company Name Change Form (PDF) and include your evidence of legal status, such as a certificate of amendment.

Cancellation of Certificate of Authorization

Complete and return the Cancellation of Certificate of Authorization Form (PDF) if you wish to cancel the Certificate of Authorization. Cancellation will result in your organization no longer being authorized to provide services in the Province of Manitoba. If you wish to reinstate the Certificate of Authorization in the future a new application will need to be submitted.


Submit changes by e-mail to the Certificate of Authorization Coordinator, or by mail or in person to:

Certificate of Authorization Coordinator
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
870 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB Canada
R3M 2M7