Step 3: ABC Test

The ABC Test is an open book, online test. Complete the test on your own and do not share it with others.

Test Questions

Test questions are generated from a large bank of possible questions, and are unique for each person. The test consists of True or False questions covering:

  • The Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Act
  • Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba By-Laws
  • Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Code of Ethics

No Time Limits

The test has no time limit. Take as long as you need to complete it, however, your file will not go to the Registration Committee until it is passed. You may save your responses and return at any time.

Test Scores

You need a score of 90% or higher to pass the test. You will receive your score immediately upon completing the test. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will automatically receive your score as well.

Test Rewrites

You may rewrite the test to reach a passing score. If you fail the ABC Test three times, we may ask you to attend an interview, during which you will discuss the purpose and function of the Association. You will be given a long-answer test to complete following the interview. There is no fee for the long-answer test.

Do I write the ABC Test?
How do I write the ABC Test?

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