Specified Scope of Practice Licence

The Specified Scope of Practice Licence, introduced in Manitoba in 2018, allows non-engineers and non-geoscientists to practice within a specific scope of engineering or geoscience. This category recognizes the combination of education and extensive experience as potential for qualification.

In accordance with the Act, the Specified Scope of Practice Licensee means a person who holds a valid and subsisting specified scope of practice licence and whose name is entered on the Association's register as a specified scope of practice licensee (Eng.L. or Geo.L).


To qualify for a specified scope of practice licence, an applicant must:

  • be a person at least 18 years of age; and,
  • have completed an admission application and supporting documentation; and,
  • have obtained a specified scope of practice license (limited licence) with another Canadian provincial engineering association; or,
  • have obtained one of the following:
    • a university degree or engineering technology diploma in science and technology and obtained acceptable work experience approved by the Association; or,
    • have a degree or diploma in science or equivalent in math, physics, basic sciences, with a minimum of four years' experience; and,
  • have made payment of the dues and fees prescribed by the by-laws; and,
  • have competed the Act, By-laws, and Code of Ethics (ABC) test with 90% or greater.

Scope of Licence

The scope of licence will be determined by the Registration Committee using the competency-based assessment (CBA) model procedure.

Term of Licence

The specified scope of practice licence is subject to annual renewal.

Application Information


Please contact the Admissions Department.