Self-Reporting Discipline in Another Jurisdiction

By-law 15.9 requires practitioners who have been disciplined or sanctioned in another jurisdiction to notify the Registrar of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, in writing.

What type of discipline needs to be reported?

Any discipline or sanction that results in the restriction, limitation, suspension, or termination of the practitioner's ability to engage in the practice of professional engineering and/or professional geoscience.

Which jurisdictions are included?

Any professional, occupational, or regulatory body relating to the practice of professional engineering and/or professional geoscience.

How is discipline from another jurisdiction reported?

Reports can be sent:

Via E-mail to:

Registrar - CEORegistrar@EngGeoMB.ca

Via Mail to:

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba c/o Registrar
870 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 2M7

What information is required in the report?

The report must include:

  1. Full name
  2. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba member number
  3. The jurisdiction in which the discipline or sanction occurred
  4. A copy of the order, decision, agreement, or any other documents relating to the discipline or conviction

When do reports need to be submitted?

Reports need to be submitted within thirty (30) days after the order, decision, or agreement is made. If the Registrar requires any additional information, the practitioner will have ten (10) days after the request to submit it.

What happens to reports after they are submitted?

Reports will be reviewed by the Investigation Committee and stored securely in our private member database. The practitioner will be contacted should any further action be required.