In a regulated profession such as engineering or geoscience, it is important to maintain a respectful and productive relationship with the decision-makers in government. For Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, this means working with the Manitoba government to ensure that engineering and geoscience professions and stakeholders are not adversely affected by changes in laws and regulations, and to ensure that both are a key resource for the government to rely on for information and support within engineering and geoscience areas of expertise.

The overarching goal of the Association's government relations activity is the creation of a relationship where government officials in all areas think "engineering and geoscience means Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba". Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will be their first call as a reliable source of information, a source of new policy ideas, and a partner in satisfying the consumer, working towards the public good/safety. Creating this relationship requires the formation and execution of a Government Relations Strategic Plan, a clear and thorough communications strategy, to further engagement of the members with government, to connect with MLAs locally, and to take action through an active Government Relations Committee. Positive interaction with government will allow Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba to achieve its broader strategic goals and bolster communication and public relations efforts.

Member Feedback

We always want to hear from our members. Please e-mail any feedback you may have on the Government Relations Strategic Plan to the Administrative Assistant of Government Relations.

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