Annual Renewal

Your registration expires each year. You must renew it annually.

Registration TypeYear Range
StudentsOct 1 - Sept 30
InternJan 1 - Dec 31
Professional member
(excluding Temporary licence)*
Jan 1 - Dec 31

* Temporary licensees cannot renew membership. You must submit an application for admission annually.

Renewal Process

You will receive a renewal notice prior to your renewal deadline. The notice will be sent to your preferred e-mail on file with the Association, unless you have indicated a preference for paper mail in your online profile. Make sure your contact information is kept up to date. Your notice will include:

  • Renewal deadline
  • Renewal fee
  • Payment options

Renew online by credit card to maintain your current registration status.


Pay your renewal fee. If you miss the renewal deadline, a late fee will be applied.

Dues Relief

If you are unemployed; not working due to illness, disability, or parental leave; attending a full time post-graduate university program relevant to the practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience; or experiencing other circumstances which, in the opinion of Council, merit dues relief; you may apply to have your annual dues reduced.

If you submit an application for dues relief before you renew, then you will be able to renew for the reduced amount. If you submit the form after you renew, then a cheque or credit will be issued.

Change of Membership Category

Requests to change your membership category need to go through the office.


You must give notice of resignation, to remain in good standing, if you no longer wish to practice engineering or geoscience in Manitoba. Do not let your registration lapse due to non-renewal. This affects your options for reinstatement.

Transfer to Senior Member

The senior member category is intended for members who have retired from full-time practice, been registered for 30 years, and are in good standing. Senior members receive reduced ProDev reporting targets, and an option to waive their dues, in recognition of their many years of service.

Transfer to On Leave Member

The On Leave member category is intended for members who will be away from practice for two years or more. Common reasons are for parental leave, illness, or disability, when they intend to return to practice afterwards.


The preferred method of renewal is through the website, using the links above. Otherwise, submit your renewal form by mail, fax, or in person:

Member Services Coordinator
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
870 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB  R3M 2M7

Next Step

Upon receipt of your renewal payment, a validation sticker for the upcoming year will be mailed to practising members.

Failure to Renew

The absolute deadline to renew your membership is January 31. (Students December 31)

Students who fail to renew:

  • Must rewrite the ABC Test to become an intern
  • Can no longer claim pre-graduation work experience free of charge

Interns who fail to renew:

  • Must reapply should they wish to reinstate
  • Reinstatement fees will include a deregistration penalty

Professional members who fail to renew:

  • Will have their name removed from the Association register
  • Can no longer use the designations P.Eng. or P.Geo
  • Can no longer legally practice professional engineering or geoscience in Manitoba
  • Reinstatement fees will include a deregistration penalty