Bias busting
For Employers.
As an employer of
engineers and
geoscientists, you
are fostering a brighter future
for our industry
with the actions you
take today.
Nurturing and fostering an environment of diversity within your walls is now more important than ever. We need the perspectives of many types of people in order to solve problems that face our societies, and to fulfill our role as protectors of the public. Beyond this, studies have shown that diversity has a positive impact on companies' bottom lines. When we don't have people from various backgrounds at the table, we lose the viewpoints, creativity, and experience we need to succeed in our industry and solve problems in our communities.

In Manitoba only 17% of newly licensed engineers were women, and 1% identified as Indigenous in 2019. In addition, 33% of newly licensed geoscientists were women, but none identified as Indigenous. Despite awareness campaigns over the past decades, inequities in the fields persist.

It's now time for us to take bold action and work toward a more equitable, representative engineering and geoscience community, one that reflects the public we serve.

Employers like you are an integral part of effecting change. As industry leaders, you have the power to ensure all employees are able to thrive within our field, and to create an inclusive industry that welcomes and supports employees of all backgrounds.
The time to start is now.
Because nothing will change,
if nothing changes.
Useful Resources.
What are the programs and corporate behaviours that you have seen make a difference to the attraction and retention of women, non-binary, Indigenous and Black engineers and geoscientists?
How is leadership demonstrating that systemic change is a priority?
Make a Commitment
Has your organization
made a commitment to
the 30 by 30 goal?
Be the one to spark
change in your
The information below can be used to take the first steps toward your own 30 by 30 goal or used to present information to those in management in your organization who can further influence and shape the future of our industry and member companies.
Fulfilling Our Roll
As companies, it is our job to protect the public with the work that we do.

When our industries don't include diverse perspectives, we lose out on solutions that work for all people.

Fundamentally, this means we are not performing our role adequately. We need to do better.

Read on to see how a lack of diversity puts communities at risk, compromises the efficacy of our work, and leads to negative impacts in communities that rely on the work.