Internationally Educated Professionals

IMPORTANT You may start your academic assessment regardless of your immigration status or physical location. Please note that each province in Canada conducts their own assessment. If you plan to move to Manitoba and you want to have your assessment results prior to arriving, please allow at least three months once you submit your completed application.

Assessment Application Process

1. Gather Required Documents

See the Licensing Flowchart For Internationally Educated

If you are wanting to be assessed as a Geoscientist rather than an Engineer you must:
  1. Provide a checksheet mapping your geoscience courses to the appropriate syllabus
    - Geology, Geophysics, or Environmental Geology

2. Complete the Application Form

Academic Assessment Application (PDF)

3. Pay the Assessment Fee

See Fees for details.

Application Results

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will mail you your assessment results within four to six weeks.

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