Council Elections and By-law Changes

By-laws (Sections 3.1 and 17) were passed in 2010 to make the default method of voting for new Council members and By-law changes online. The voting periods for both Council and By-laws were adjusted to occur at the same time. The online vote takes place through your secure online profile over two weeks, ending one week before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Association members can make nominations for council or submit By-law change proposals.

Platforms and Proposals

Here is the list of each year an election was held online:

Election Guideline

Rules for Counting Votes and Ascertaining the Results of an Election

Security and Anonymity

The online voting is conducted using servers that are owned and operated by the Association. Members are required to authenticate prior to casting their votes to ensure they are eligible to vote, and have not already cast their ballots or requested paper copies.

Though we know who you are at the time of voting, and record which ballots you submit, there is no connection to the time that you submit each ballot, or with your vote values. Nor is there any way for the Association to make a connection between members and vote values.

Your communication with the vote server is encrypted using an SSL certificate, and a firewall protects the network at a low level of abstraction.