Member's Website

There are many processes that are supported through the Association's secure member's only website. Examples include annual dues payment, progress report submissions and review, writing the ABC Test, logging ProDev, maintaining contact information and preferences, and so on.

While this is called the "member's website", many non-members have numbers on the system. This includes Student Members, Association Interns, Assessment Applicants, Guest Supervisors, and former members. If you think you may have a number on our system, but are not certain, please contact the Association.

Logging In

The member's only website is hosted at The normal access point is the 'MEMBER LOGIN' button at the top right of any Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba website page.

First time logging in

If you have been assigned an Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Member ID number for whatever reason, then you can request a password for the site. For Association members, this is the number on your Membership Card. If you have been an Association Member long enough to have a Certificate Number that is different from your Application Number, then your Member ID number is your Application Number. We will also need a valid and current e-mail address recorded in your file.

You will need to visit the claim password page and match your Member ID, first and last name, and e-mail address with what we have on file. If we find a match, a temporary password will be generated and sent to the e-mail address you matched. You will find this temporary password in your e-mail account and use it along with your Member ID to login.

When logging in with a temporary password, you will be asked to supply a new password for future logins.

Forgetting your password

You can re-set a forgotten password using the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page. You will need to match your Member ID with an e-mail we have on file, then a new temporary password will be sent to that e-mail.

If you don't have access to the e-mail account on file with the Association, then you should contact the Association office to update your file and re-set your password.

Website Security

The Member's Website is protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts all network traffic between our server and you. That means that only your computer and our server can make sense of the information that is transferred between us. The SSL certification process also verifies the server actually belongs to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

There is no way for the Association to know what your password is. The best we can do if you forget your password is to reset it and let you choose a new one. There is no length limit on your chosen password, and you can change your password at any time after logging in.

The Association does not store credit card details. You will need to enter your card details each time you wish to make a payment through the Association site.

The Association server is also protected by a firewall that monitors network level threats.

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