Professional References

When you complete 36 months of work experience as an Intern, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will contact you, through your online feedback, to request references from three professional members who have knowledge of your work.


  1. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will ask you to submit three names for your professional references, and submit them through your online profile
  2. Your references will be notified and asked to complete the professional reference form through their online profile

    IMPORTANT References must be submitted through your online profile. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will no longer accept paper reference forms.

  3. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will review your references. If approved, you will be eligible for registration as a Professional Member with the Association and your file will be forwarded to the Registration Committee
  4. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will mail you confirmation of professional membership within one week of your application being approved by the Registration Committee.

If you are refused membership, the Association will provide reasons why and advice on how to become eligible for membership with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. You may appeal the decision. See Appeals for details.

IMPORTANT Ensure that your references promptly submit the reference forms to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

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